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We Don't Talk About Her - Andersen Prunty

Author: Andersen Prunty

Started: August 8, 2023

Finished: August 8, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Horror

TW: necrophilia, animal death, gore, sexual content, stalking, mental illness, death of a parent, cursing, incest, car accident, gun violence

Clint is a stalker albeit a terrible one. His latest obsession, Stella, works as a barista at the local coffee place. As he follows Stella one night, he is shocked when she turns onto his street and then further surprised when she turns into his driveway. What Clint doesn't know about Stella is that she is a parasitic person and is only using him until she finds her next mark. When Stella's past comes looking for her, all hell breaks loose and Clint finds the new love of his life.

I figured I'd give this little 49 page novella a quick read. This was a terrible mistake. There are definitely trigger warnings that come along with this story (listed above) so please take those into consideration. Clint was obviously a mentally ill man with one thing on his mind - sex and it didn't matter with who. I have no problem reading gore and disgusting horror stories but I found myself gagging quite a few times. This was not something I would ever consider reading again.

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