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Upcoming February Releases

The reading year has gotten off to a great start. Despite having COVID, I was able to read most of the books I looked forward to in January which is unusual for me. These are some books I hope to read in February. Each title is a clickable link to its Goodreads page.

Code Name Sapphire – Pam Jenoff (Publication Date: 02.07.2023): Hannah Martel barely escaped Nazi Germany after her fiancé is killed in a pogrom. When her ship is denied entry by the United States, she must return to occupied Europe and the resistance work she thought she left behind in order to save her family from the horrors of Auschwitz. Pam Jenoff is one of my auto-buy authors and I know anything she writes is going to be well-researched and well-told.

Nine Lives - Peter Swanson (Publication Date:02.02.2023): Nine strangers receive a random piece of paper with their names on it. They all choose to ignore these letters until recipients have terrible things happen to them. FBI agent, Jessica Winslow, who also received a letter has to get to the bottom of it before more people end up dead. This would be my first book by Swanson but the premise has great promise and I am interested to see how the storyline plays out.

Looking for Jane - Heather Marshall (Publication Date: 02.07.2023): The lives of 3 women intertwine when a letter is found in th3 drawe4 of a desk in an antique shop. The story is told from 1971-2017 and helps give life to the arguments surrounding a women's right to choose. Considering the current state of my country, this read seems more important than ever.

The Woman with the Cure – Lynn Cullen (Publication Date: 02.21.2023): Dr. Dorothy Horstmann is in a race with other scientists to discover the Cure for polio. When her colleague makes a mistake, it is up to her to prove or refute his findings. While other scientists are looking for the fame and infamy of being the one to solve the polio outbreak but all Dr. Horstmann wants is to take away the suffering of those at risk.

Murder Your Employer: The McMaster's Guide to Homicide - Rupert Holmes (Publication Date: 02.21.2023): A college opens, The McMaster's Conservatory, which teaches its students the art of murder and how to eliminate their victims. To be enrolled in the school, the student must explain the reasoning for wanting to murder their victim. Their murder must be to benefit the community in some fashion. In order to graduate, they must commit the perfect, unsolvable murder.

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