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Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases - Paul Holes

Author & Narrator: Paul Holes

Started: July 12, 2022

Finished: July 16, 2022

Paul Holes is one of America's most celebrated Criminologists responsible for solving some of the most famous cold cases in modern times. As a young Criminologist, Holes comes across the files for the East Area Rapist(EAR), a man who struck fear into the heart of Sacramento as people wondered when he would attack next.

Paul has worked on this case on and off throughout his career. He revisits crime scenes, talks to victims, and has pieces of evidence DNA tested. It is thanks to this DNA testing that it becomes known that Sacramento was not this rapist's only area of attack. During his time working on what will become known as The Golden State Killer case, Holes not only loses himself to the case; he loses his first wife and the chance to bond with his children. He comes to regret not giving his family more attention.

Twenty-four years go by and Holes retires with his second wife and children. One week into his retirement, his colleagues collect DNA from the main suspect in the GSK case. When tests come back as a match, Paul returns to his office to finally cast his eyes on the man he has spent his life looking for...Joseph J. DeAngelo Jr, an old man who was once a police officer and used his training to keep himself from being caught.

I knew that when this book came out that I would be reading it. I am a huge true crime fan and found myself reading everything I could about the Golden State Killer. Holes worked with Michelle McNamara on her investigation for the book I'll Be Gone in the Dark and developed a true friendship with her. If there were anything I could change about this audiobook it would be not having Holes narrate simply because he has a habit of over-enunciating his letter "t" sounds and it made my eye twitch every time I heard it. All in all, this was a book well worth my reading time.

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