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Undisclosed Stories of the Police - Bernard J Whalen, Phillip Messing, and Robert Mladinich

Author: Bernard J Whalen, Phillip Messing, and Robert Mladinich

Started: November 17, 2022

Finished: November 22, 2022

Over the past 175 years the New York police force there has been a wide variety of crimes that have occurred in the city; this book takes a look at some of the most interesting, infamous, and well-known cases. Through the multiple variations of the New York Police Department, they have dealt with internal struggles, men with strong mafia ties, and terrorism striking the heart of the City. This is told as a series of short stories about the crimes and the various moments in the department's history.

The authors did a good job of gathering stories to fully explain the growth within the department and how they solved crimes. Thanks to technology and police officers willing to go the extra mile to bring the culprits to justice. If you are looking for a read that will take you back through the history of New York's Finest then this would be perfect.

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