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The Wrong Good Deed

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Started: April 8, 2023

Finished: April 10, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: General Fiction

Clemmie and Muffin live in a senior living village in North Carolina. While at Mass on Sunday, Muffin realizes that someone from her past has spotted her and she must, and considering Clemmie is her ride, she has to run too. Soon after, Muffin tells her friend the tale of being young and married when her husband and in-laws set out to hang a reporter for bringing up racial issues within their town. Muffin must now continue to hide or finally bury her secrets.

This book was definitely not what I expected from this author. The storyline had so many holes and there were character arcs left unfinished. Clemmie is a good two-shoes character who talks often about helping her neighbors who she then complains about every other paragraph. The author eludes to Clemmie having a past of her own since she has had to commit identity theft to change who she was after "something" to a stalker - we never find out anything about this stalker or what she did to them. All in all, this book was very disappointing.

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