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The Woman with the Cure - Lynn Cullen

Author: Lynn Cullen

Started: February 1, 2023

Finished: February 4, 2023

Format: Kindle

Genre: Historical Fiction

Warm seasons of the 40s & 50s should be some of the best for a child but instead, they are kept inside due to the threat of polio. Dr. Dorothy Horstmann wants to put an end to the deaths and paralyzations caused by this pandemic. Together with other scientists, of which there were few women, she works diligently towards a vaccine. Along the way, Dorothy must deal with the egos of others, the defeats that will break her heart, and the feeling of accomplishment when she makes the discovery that changes everything.

I had never heard of Dr. Horstmann now the amazing work she did to fight the pandemic that killed millions of people. While it was interesting to learn about the methods in which the scientific community tested different theories to be able to create a vaccine finally. With that being said, I felt this book was longer than it should have been. The lead-ins to memories seemed a little disjointed and out of place. If the storyline had been just a little quicker, I think I would have been a little more engaged in the story.

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