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The Woman They Could Not Silence

Author: Kate Moore

Started: Jul. 24, 2021

Finished: Jul. 29, 2021

This is the brave story of Elizabeth Packard, a woman whose husband committed her to an insane asylum because she dared speak her mind. Women were committed for a multitude of reasons such as asthma, being bad company, and novel reading. I don't know about you but I would be committed based on how much I read.

Elizabeth did everything in her power to be released from her prison as she felt she had proved she was sane and did not belong there. She underwent three years of not being believed and being placed in the worst circumstances. Her one freedom, which was taken away whenever the Superintendent chose, was her ability to write. She decided to use her time in the asylum to disclose the horrible conditions and the horrendous way patients were treated. She spoke of filthy wards and patients being physically abused while those in charge did nothing.

When Elizabeth was released, she continued fighting to clear her name as well as improve the conditions for those she left behind. It took her quite a few years but she accomplished her goal in many states, new laws were enacted to keep those who were in asylums safe and keep those who did not belong there free.

Kate Moore always tells an amazing story. She relies on her detailed research methods to ensure that her readers get a full story free of opinion and based on known information. Throughout the book, there are many quotes directly from Elizabeth's writings that help develop the story and how she felt about being imprisoned in an asylum. I truly enjoyed this read and was very happy I had chosen to buy it as opposed to borrowing it from the library.

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