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The Stranger Upstairs - Lisa M. Matlin

Author: Lisa M. Matlin

Started: September 1, 2023

Finished: September 3, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Sarah Slade is a best-selling author and a social media darling. In an effort to expand her brand, she purchases Black Wood House, the scene of an infamous murder-suicide. Her goal is to renovate the house and flip it for profit. Soon after moving in, she begins to hear noises and discovers that the previous owner has gone missing. Sarah shares a striking resemblance to Amanda, the previous owner, but Sarah knows that people aren't all they appear to be. She should know, she is keeping a tremendous secret that will forever change her life.

I expected a good solid thriller out of this book but I was disappointed. The writing seemed spastic and the storyline was a bit convoluted. It just felt like it took too much effort to read and concentrate on. The main character was really unlikeable - it was too easy to root for her ending. She had done some despicable things and treated people like dirt beneath her feet. I'm hoping to read more by this author with a better main character and a more stable storyline.

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