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The Spectacular - Fiona Davis

Author: Fiona Davis

Started: June 3, 203

Finished: June 4, 2023

Format: Print

Genre: Historical Fiction

Marion Brooks was born to dance. Dancing has always been her passion. Living at home with her sister and overprotective father, Marion has never wanted for anything. What she does know is that she does not want a typical life. When she suddenly loses her job as a dance teacher, she decides to go to the open casting call for The Rockettes. At the same time Marion begins her career as famed Rockette, the Big Apple Bomber Is gearing up his attacks on the city. Desperate to hold Metropolitan Power responsible for their wrongs, he sets off pipe bombs to draw attention to his plight. When he places a bomb at Radio City Music Hall, the bomb takes the life of someone Marion loves and she knows she must help end this madman's reign.

Fiona Davis has done it again! The Spectacular takes us through the history of Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes and learning about "The Big Apple Bomber" who was fashioned after The Mad Bomber of New York City, George Metesky. The weaving of these two storylines was done perfectly. Davis takes an important moment in New York City history such as the bomber and ties it together with an iconic location such as Radio City and creates magic. This was the kind of novel I had to force myself to put down to get some sleep. This is easily my favorite Fiona Davis novel to date.

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