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The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

Author: Mark Shaw

Started: May 7, 20201

Finished: May 14, 2021

Dorothy Kilgallen was a female reporter who, along with the rest of the country, is shocked and angry when President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in November of 1963. Unlike the rest of the country, Kilgallen does not believe that Oswald worked alone in planning to kill the President. Dorothy begins her own investigation into the assassination and makes discoveries that could turn the country upside down.

As Kilgallen adds to her file on the assassination, she realizes that not only are her calls being monitored but she believes she is also being followed. Dorothy believes many people are capable of plotting to assassinate the President, including Lyndon B. Johnson and Mafia heads. The closest Dorothy gets to the truth the more her life is in danger.

Dorothy Kilgallen is found dead in her apartment in November of 1965. Her official cause of death is noted as a drug overdose combined with alcohol consumption with "circumstances undetermined". Questions linger about whether Dorothy died by accidental overdose, took her own life, or was murdered for knowing too much. While combing through Dorothy's Manhattan apartment it is discovered that her assassination file is missing...this is the last time the file is ever seen.

I found the book to be interesting as I had not heard of Dorothy Kilgallen nor the controversy behind her death. While I found the bulk of the story to be well researched, some of the author's theories on how Dorothy was killed were far-fetched and the author's adulation of Kilgallen at times bordered on obsessive which gave the story a creepy vibe.

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