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The Night She Disappeared - Lisa Jewell

Author: Lisa Jewell

Started: April 23, 2023

Finished: April 28, 2023

Format: Print

Genre: Thriller

Tallulah is a young mother going out with her boyfriend to enjoy herself. When the couple doesn't return home, Tallulah's mother, Kim, starts to worry. As the days turn into months and years, Kim never gives up hope that her daughter will come home and sets in to raise her grandson. One day a found ring is found that turns out to be a clue that sets things in motion. Soon, other clues begin to appear and the truth of what happened that night finally comes to light.

This was an interesting book with a decent storyline. The relationships and dynamics between characters were well done. While I could figure out some of the endings I was surprised at the very end. I found it quite hokey that the clue was left as they were to be found, it made me roll my eyes several times. All things considered, this was a worthwhile read.

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