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The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew Mysteries #4)

Author: Carolyn Keene

Narrator: Laura Linney

Started: June 9, 2022

Finished: June 9, 2022

Nancy is visiting the Lilac Inn to help her friend prepare for her wedding where she is a bridesmaid. Once there Nancy realizes that there is not one but two mysteries to be solved…who is causing all of the problems at Lilac Inn and who is impersonating her around town? As her friend begins to fear that she and her fiancé will have to sell the Inn if these odd occurrences keep happening.

Laura Linney continues to do an amazing job as Nancy, making listening to these old Nancy Drew stories enjoyable and worthwhile. I look forward to reading more books narrated by Linney as she has a relaxing but comforting voice that makes an audiobook fun to read.

This is a different sort of Nancy Drew story as there is quite a bit of violence from assault to a pipe bomb going off in Nancy's rooms! While Nancy sees her fair share of trouble this is something unexpected. It was interesting to see how the author had Nancy deal with situations so far out of her control.

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