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The Masterpiece - Fiona Davis

Author: Fiona Davis

Started: July 25, 2022

Finished: July 27, 2022

Clara Darden is the Grand Central School of Art's only female illustration teacher. In the 1930s, this is no small feat but Clara knows she is capable of more. When she finally achieves her dream of working for Vogue magazine and is living the life she has always wanted, she and her friends are surprised when a nationwide Depression hits and they all lose everything. Just when it appears that things may be looking up for them, Clara loses her lover and work in a train accident and disappears from public life.

Fifty years later, Virginia Clay, a recent divorcee with a college-aged daughter, begins work at the Grand Central Terminal. While she originally hoped to be a legal secretary it is soon apparent that she is not suited and is given a position in the information booth in the middle of the station. As she spends time walking around Grand Central, Virginia finds the old abandoned art school and a piece of art that was left behind. She sees a strong similarity between the piece she found and a painting up for auction at Sotheby's. When she reaches out to someone with the knowledge she realizes the mystery behind the painting as well as the artist and sets out to discover the truth behind both.

Fiona Davis is always an enjoyable read for me. In this book, she centers her stories on New York City icons, such as Grand Central Station. Davis takes the time to research each landmark and any important history of the building along with the people involved with them. If you are looking for quick and enjoyable historical fiction, this is a great book for you.

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