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The Lost Village - Camilla Sten

Author: Camilla Sten

Started: September 30, 2022

Finished: October 3, 2022

Alice Lindenstat is an up-and-coming filmmaker with one goal in mind - secure funding for the documentary that is her life's dream…find out what happened to the people who lived and disappeared from her Grandmother's village and why only two people were left behind. She takes a crew and travels to the isolated village where her family comes from. When they arrive they find the town completely empty as if the residents had just left for a moment. Soon, strange things begin to happen and everyone is on edge. There are whispers in the air and unexplained footsteps and the sound of music all around them. One by one, the group suffers problems and losses but the question is who is behind all of these issues?

This was a sufficiently creepy story that had me wondering what was next. I had attempted this story via audiobook and realized that was not the right medium for me. When I picked it up in paperback, I was able to melt right into it and enjoy the journey. It should be noted that this story was originally written in Swedish and translated to English but the story completely flows and there is no misunderstanding of any part of the story. This was my first Camilla Sten read for me but there I am definitely looking forward to more from her.

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