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The Lost Girls of Willowbrook - Ellen Marie Wiseman

Author: Ellen Marie Wiseman

Started: July 20, 2022

Finished: July 23, 2022

All her life Sage has believed that her twin sister, Rosemary died after a severe bout of pneumonia…at least that was what her parents told her. Six years after Rosemary's death, Sage overhears a conversation between her stepfather and his friend, discussing the fact that Rosemary has gone missing from Willowbrook; the state-run facility for the mentally ill with its own myth by the name of Cropsey who wanders the grounds killing the patients.

In a bid to help find her sister, Rosemary takes a trip to Willowbrook and wants to apologize for not going to see her. As she wonders what her sister has been doing this whole time, she fails to pay attention to the fact that her purse has been stolen - along with any identifying information. When she arrives at Willowbrook, those in charge, unknowing that Sage exists, assume she is Rosemary and immediately throws her into a room and sedate her. When she awakens, she sees the horrors inflicted on her sister day after day for the last six years and feels even worse at not knowing she was sent there.

When it is discovered that Rosemary was murdered and Sage is finally released from the facility, the hunt begins for the killer who has been haunting Staten Island and has made the Willowbrook campus his hunting ground.

Willowbrook was exposed by Geraldo Rivera in 1972 when he and a news crew into the facility and showed the world how understaffed the hospital was as well as the conditions of the patients who were suffering from lack of care. This book was well researched and the first few chapters swere very hard to read as the author describes what the ward looked, felt, and smelled like; it made me shudder many times over.

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