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The Lost Apothecary

Author: Sarah Penner

Started: Mar. 28, 2021

Finished: Mar. 30, 2021

Nella is an apothecary in the 1790s who offers poisons to women who need them to take care of problems with the men in their lives. In order to keep the memory of these women alive, Nella keeps a detailed log of her transactions. One day, the wrong woman requests her help and none of their lives are ever the same.

Eliza Fanning is a noble woman's assistant who is sent to procure a bottle of poison from Nella. When her mistress goes away Nella returns to Nella and they begin a short-lived friendship that changes both of their lives forever.

Caroline Parcewell travels to London on what is supposed to be her 10th-anniversary trip alone due to her husband's recent affair. During her first day there, she comes across a mysterious blue vial with a blue bear etched into it that starts the journey to changing her life. Upon finding the vial, Caroline sets to discover all she can about the apothecary. The discovery of the apothecary's storefront sets in motion

The telling of Nella's story is done so beautifully and the interweaving of Eliza and Caroline's stories is done seamlessly. This was a story I could have read for a long time. Sarah Penner did a beautiful job of making you care about the characters and how the story was going to turn out. Penner's debut novel is a perfect way to spend an afternoon and travel back in time.

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