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The Lindbergh's Nanny - Mariah Frederick

Author: Mariah Fredericks

Started: October 3, 2022

Finished: October 5, 2022

Betty Gow, a Scottish immigrant has been hired as a nanny to the world's most famous baby - Charles Lindbergh Jr. As she adjusts to the odd household run by Colonel Lindbergh, she learns the rules and what is expected of her. Betty starts to realize how sweet a little boy Charlie is and how important he is to her. When Betty goes to check on Charlie one night she makes the surreal realization that he is not in his bed. After searching the house and the grounds, the police are called and the world is told that the famous baby has been kidnapped. In the eyes of the police, everyone is a suspect - including the help.

This was a unique historical fiction as it covers a person who I never thought would have a novel written about them. It was interesting to see the Lindbergh kidnapping from the point of view of someone who worked in the house. The author's approach to discussing different people in the Lindbergh home was perfectly done and showed different sides of the Lindbergh couple. Mariah Fredericks takes great effort to explain to the reader where she received her information and the true story of those she mentions in the novel. This was a wonderful novel that I flew through; it was so well told and endearing that I couldn't wait to see how she tied a lovely bow around it. This wonderful book is released on November 15, 2022, and it is one I will definitely be purchasing for my shelves.

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