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The Lincoln Highway

Author: Amor Towles

Started: Nov. 18, 2021

Finished: Nov. 29, 2021

After being released from a youth detention center and suffering the death of his father, Emmett decides that what he and his younger brother, Billy need is a fresh start. He dreams of jumping in his car and heading west where he can restore and sell homes. What he didn't count on were the two stowaways that came home with him.

Dutchess and Wooly are two of Emmett's friends from the detention center in Salinas who intend to cash in on Wooly's inheritance and start their lives over. After "borrowing" Emmett's car to head to New York the pair find themselves the mice in a game of cat and mouse with Emmett.

Anything that could go wrong with this road trip does, traveling in boxcars, fistfights, breaking and entering, and hard life lessons. Each character in this story learns a little about life and how to deal with the hardships that are placed in front of them. It took some time for me to get used to the four different perspectives but when I did it made the story flow smoothly and I appreciated Towle's ability to tell the backstory of each character so that there was a better understanding of what made them who they are. This is my first Amor Towles' book but it will not be my last.

An important item to note is that the last two chapters or so should come with a trigger warning. There are deaths that I was not ready for and did not see coming. Please take this as a warning to prepare yourselves as you see fit.

Should you be interested in purchasing this book, please feel free to click on the book cover to the left.

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