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The Last Word - Taylor Adams

Author: Taylor Adams

Started: May 25, 2023

Finished: May 25, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Emma Carpenter is a woman dealing with a tragic loss. She takes a job as a housesitter on Strand Beach where she is isolated from all but one neighbor. To pass the days, Emma devours ebooks by the cart full. When she reads an exceptionally bad thriller, she decides to leave a scathing one-star review - which the author did not appreciate. When she refuses to take it down, her life gets turned upside down.

Taylor Adams has a way of writing a thriller that is always a one-day read for me. This popcorn thriller is perfect when you want a tense but quick thrill. The characters are well-written and all have their own tragic backgrounds and their own secrets. While I was able to determine the killer early in the book, how we got to the ultimate revelation was quite a ride. I devoured this book and enjoyed the time I had to read it.

TW: threats to animals

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