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The Last Time I Lied

Author: Riley Sager

Narrator: Nicol Zanzarella

Started: Nov. 10, 2021

Finished: Nov. 18, 2021

Emma Davis is a well-known artist who hides a secret in each one of her paintings...her three friends who went missing at Camp Nightingale fifteen years earlier. At her latest gallery showing, the owner of the camp invites her to return to the reopening as a counselor. While Emma is initially unsure of whether she should return, she ultimately decides that she has been presented with this opportunity to figure out what happened to her friends that summer.

Once she arrives at Camp Nightingale, Emma begins to realize that things aren't as they should be. Her actions are being recorded as she moves in and out of her cabin, she is being spied on, and she finds clues of what her friend Vivian was looking for that summer. History repeats itself when three young girls from the camp go missing and Emma is the prime suspect.

I love any book by Riley Sager and this is no exception. Sager can write a story that keeps the reader engaged and entertained. His stories are always believable and leave me on the edge of my seat. Sager is an author I will always take the time to read.

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