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The Last Thing to Burn - Will Dean

Author: Will Dean

Started: November 1, 2023

Finished: November 1, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Jane, not her real name, was brought to the United Kingdom illegally and is now "married" to Lenn and lives on a farm in a very rural area. She keeps his house just like his mother used to and must be at his beck and call at night. Jane, not her real name, has tried to escape and has had her ankle smashed and her possessions burnt to remind her who is in charge. After giving birth to a daughter, she and Lenn's relationship begins to change until he kidnaps the new woman in town. The women and baby must escape and they will do whatever means necessary.

This was a fantastic book. The story kept me engaged from the very first page. Jane, not her real name, is a wonderfully complex character who believes she is helping her sisters by remaining captive to her "husband." There were many times throughout the novel where you just wanted to reach into the story and save her from her life. The ending few chapters are intense. It is rare that a book has my heart racing like this one did. I said "Oh my god" out loud and prayed that the women would escape. The ending was beyond satisfying and left no questions unanswered. This will be a story I think about for a long time and recommend often.

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