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The Lamplighters - Emma Stonex

Author: Emma Stonex

Started: September 1, 2022

Finished: September 5, 2022

When three men are found to be missing from a local lighthouse without a trace. The doors are locked from the inside, the table is only set for two people, and all the clocks have stopped at the same time. No one knows what happened to them or how they could disappear into thin air. The company that employed the men decided that the youngest lamplighter was guilty of whatever happened simply because of his past. Twenty-five years later, a writer is looking into the disappearance and begins by talking to the surviving widows and see if they know what happened. His questions bring up uncomfortable truths and women who must face the truth of their past.

I heard about this book from my favorite reading podcast and the host was very excited about pressing this book into its listeners' hands. I thought the premise sounded interesting and figured I would give it a try. I was interested because the storyline of missing lamplighters was a true one and I wanted to see how it would be brought to life. This was a book that was far too vague for me. There was a lot of back and forth that seemed unnecessary and while the ending answered questions for the reader I did not feel fully satisfied and felt it was far too convenient an ending.

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