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The House of Kennedy

Author: James Patterson & Cynthia Fagen

Started: Jul. 31, 2021

Finished: Aug. 4, 2021

The Kennedy clan is an intricate part of American history and their record of public service is unparalleled. Their extreme cases of bad luck are also unparalleled. The Kennedy family has had some of the most unfortunate accidents to ever happen to any family. Some of these include the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the sudden death of JFK Jr. This book goes through Kennedy's history and then breaks down each Kennedy child's rough times.

This book did not contain any new information, although it was interesting to hear the Kennedy perspective on events that made the news such as Ted Kennedy's drinking issues and Jackie O's marriage to Aristotle Onassis. The narrator had an interesting way of performing women's voices and his Boston accent was forced but all in all, he did a great job. I have never been a Kennedy fan and this book just confirmed for me that my feelings about the family were right.

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