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The House Across the Lake - Riley Sager

Author: Riley Sager

Started: July 17, 2022

Finished: July 17, 2022

Casey Fletcher, an actress, is sent to the family cabin to sober up after being caught drinking by the paparazzi. At the cabin, she is haunted by the memory of her husband who passed away in their lake the year prior. She discovers that her newest neighbors are former model, Katherine, and her social media CEO, Tom. As Casey sits on her porch in a drunken fog, she sees a hand poke out of the water and realizes someone is drowning.

When she goes to help her neighbor, she realized Katherine looks very dead. Katherine spasms to life as she attempts to drag her body back onto the boat. Later that evening, Katherine and her husband Tom cross the river to thank Casey for her help. As the lake residents get to know each other, Casey realizes that maybe their marriage isn't as perfect as it seems.

While spying on the couple with her binoculars, Casey witnesses a fight and then is awakened by a scream that she believes is Katherine. The next day Tom states that his wife has left and returned to the city which Casey does not believe at all. She sets out to find proof that Tom has done something to Casey. Casey gets far more than she bargained for when she finds Katherine and she has quite the story to tell - one Casey is unsure if she should believe.

This was a fantastic new story by Riley Sager. I have come to expect a solid read from Sager but this went above that. I loved everything about this story. There was a mystery on top of mystery on top of mystery but it was all very easy to follow and came to a conclusion I was very happy with.

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