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The Home for Wayward Girls - Marcia Bradley

Author: Marcia Bradley Started: March 13, 2023

Finished: March 15, 2023

Format: Kindle

Genre: Historical Fiction

Loretta has spent her life on a ranch known as The Home for Wayward Girls. Owned by William and her mother, it was where "bad" girls were sent to be "fixed". Loretta knows that these girls aren't bad and that they are simply choosing their own way to live. Loretta has plans to escape the ranch the moment she turns eighteen - the age of freedom. An unexpected tragedy sets her free and she knows she must run. Her one guiding force is her compass - she knows it will always point North and the choice of her path is hers and hers alone.

The author wrote this novel based on her sister's experiences at a residential home in her youth. She brings to light many of the atrocities such as physical, mental, and sexual abuse that was prevalent in those facilities. Loretta is a strong, independent character who does all she can to befriend the ranch's wards and to give them the skills needed to survive in the prairie should they ever escape. Knowing her past, it was wonderful to see a character so aware of how living on the ranch affected her mentally. Loretta, the adult, is a character that promotes self-care and self-awareness. I found this to be a novel that I looked forward to picking up in my free moments. This is a wonderful debut novel and I am excited to see what other topics this author covers.

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