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The Hidden Staircase

Author: Carolyn Keene

Narrator: Laura Linney

Started: May 2, 2022

Finished: May 2, 2022

Nancy Drew's friend, Helen, has asked her to help solve the mystery of the ghost in her great-grandmother's house. On top of this Nancy receives word that her father may be in danger if a property sale goes through without a bigger profit going to the sellers. Nancy travels with her friend to determine where the "ghost" is coming from and how they are getting in and out of the house.

Nancy experiences phantom noises and must go searching through the house to figure out how items are being moved, food is taken out of the kitchen and furniture moved. She also has to help Helen's family avoid a scrupulous man who wants to buy their home, Twin Manor, out from under them. Oddly enough, the same man who wants to buy Twin Manor is the same man who warned her to stay close to her father.

While Nancy is away with her friend, she receives word that her father is missing. She knows that he has been abducted and must help figure out who has him. Little does Nancy know that if she solves one mystery she may be able to solve the other.

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