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The Girls

Author: Abigail Pesta

Narrator: Elisabeth Rodgers

Started: Sep. 9, 2021

Finished: Sep. 9, 2021

TW: Rape, molestation

This is the story of the brave gymnasts who finally decided that Larry Nassar had taken advantage of too many young girls and that he finally needed to be held accountable. After years of molesting, and in the case of one gymnast raping, young woman Nassar was finally arrested and pled guilty, via plea deal, to multiple child pornography charges and sexual assault charges. Another important condition of the deal was that his victims would have the ability to confront him. 156 victims confronted Nassar in court and took back the power he stole from them. Nassar will serve a total of 175 years in jail for his crimes.

Just a warning: this book will make you scream, hit things, and throw things kind of angry. The fact that Nassar was allowed free access to so many young girls despite warning signs is reprehensible. It is clear that he groomed so many girls and their families. As a victim of grooming and sexual assault, it broke my heart to see how easily this man was allowed to take advantage of these girls, sometimes in front of their parents, is horrific and everyone who enabled him needs to be held accountable.

This is a video of Kyle Stephens, the first victim to confront Larry Nassar in court:

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