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The Girl Who Came Back - Hazel Gaynor

Author: Hazel Gaynor

Started: September 9, 2023

Finished: September 11, 2023

Format: Print

Genre: Historical Fiction

Maggie Murphy, along with her Aunt Kathleen and other members of her village, are heading for America aboard the Titanic. Maggie is one of the few survivors and has spent the rest of her life keeping her story to herself until she sees her great-grandmother, Grace, floundering after the death of her father. Knowing Grace has the talent and opportunity to be a great journalist, she shares her story with Grace as a way of teaching her that life goes on and teaching herself that remembering that time is healing.

I had yet to read historical fiction about the Titanic and believed this would be a good choice. While the premise of the story was appealing, there was far too much - far too many characters, far too many storylines, and far too many chapters going round and round. It felt like Gaynor was trying too hard and should have had better editors. For a debut novel, the topic was impressive and Gaynor has grown leaps and bounds as an author.

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