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The Getaway - Greer Hendriks and Sarah Pekkanen

Author: Greer Hendriks & Sarah Pekkanen

Narrator: Kate Mara

Started: October 26, 2023

Finished: October 27, 2023

Format: Audio

Genre: Thriller

Chloe Powell needs a break and a yoga retreat that is off the grid sounds perfect. Chloe fills out the extremely personal application questions and is on her way. She is met by a driver at the airport who takes her out into a rural area, where she must turn over her phone. The next day she meets her new roommate who leaves her a note in the closet - in her own blood. Chloe begins to realize that something is very wrong at the yoga retreat and it may cost her her life.

Normally anything by Greer and Pekkanen is at least a 4-star read for me but this was a little disappointing. I think the short run time of this novella worked against the quality of the story. These authors need a longer book in order to fully set the mood and flesh out the characters. This is not one of my favorites by this duo.

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