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The First Ladies - Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray

Author: Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray

Started: June 27, 2023

Finished: June 30, 2023

Format: Print

Genre: Historical Fiction

Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Mary McLeod Berthune have been friends for some time before Eleanor's husband, Franklin, is elected President. Once he takes office, Eleanor and Mary did all they can to get the President's support on all things that could help the Civil Rights movement. Together, they help black men achieve federal positions and help integrate military militias among other groundbreaking achievements. Theirs is a friendship that lasts and change the world.

Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray are a fantastic writing duo. Together their storytelling is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. The one thing I can always count on while reading one of their novels is that I will be researching the people and events mentioned. The stories they weave are always well-researched and well-told. These talented women will always be an auto-buy for me.

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