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The Final Girl Support Group

Author: Grady Hendrix

Started: Jul. 17, 2021

Finished: Jul. 18, 2021

Final girls are the sole survivors at the end of a horror movie. The one whose friends have all been murdered and the one who takes care of the killer. A group of final girls gets together monthly to discuss their fears and how they get by every day.

Lynette Tarkington became a final girl twenty-two years ago when her family was massacred as she played dead. Since then, she has been doing everything she can to remain safe. One day, a member of her group is murdered and she knows that all her friends are at risk. Lynette starts to run and hide until she realizes the only way to stop the murders - find and kill the killer.

I love Grady Hendrix. He is such a different kind of writer and I love that he pulls me out of my comfort zone. All of his stories have a quirkiness that makes them appealing and unable to be put down. I am always attached to the characters and am anxious to see how their story ends. There are usually some sort of gory details within the story and this book is not an exception. If you are not a fan of gory moments, then Hendrix is not the author for you. I was so excited to see that HBO Max has optioned the books to be a series - if done properly the show can be amazing.

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