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The Echo Man - Sam Holland

Author: The Echo Man

Started: June 24, 2023

Finished: June 25, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Detective Cara Elliot is investigating a rash of murders that seem to have nothing in common. Jessica Ambrose is a woman on the run after she is believed to have killed her husband via arson. When Jessica, a true crime addict, recognizes the ongoing murders, she tells her new hero and Detective Elliot's brother, Nate. It becomes apparent that this killer is copying well-known serial killers such as Bundy, Kemper, and Dahmer. Due to this, the media dubs him The Echo Man. As the murders become more depraved, Det. Elliot knows she is running out of time. When the women discover that they have been in contact with the killer their words are upended.

This book was fantastic. While it started off a bit slow the action picked up. I've not read a book with copycat murders so clearly defined. The back and forth between the killer's thoughts and those of the detectives was fascinating. The weaving of so many details and storylines was seamless which made my reading time fly by. As a true crime fan, this novel was right up my alley. The serial killers in this novel are amongst the most infamous therefore easy to identify. If you are a lover of true crime and want to read a good thriller then this would be perfect.

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