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The Confessions of Frannie Langton - Sara Collins

Author: Sara Collins

Started: October 30, 2022

Finished: November 3, 2022

TW: Slavery, Drug Use, Murder, Toxic Relationships, Racism, Grief, Death, Addiction…there are more.

Frannie Langton is fighting for her life. As a housemaid in London, she sits in front of the judge and jury as they decide whether she murdered her master and mistress when found sleeping next to her mistress with blood on her hands. The problem is she won't give her attorney any information to help save her life. While sitting in her cell, she begins writing a letter to her attorney explaining her past, how she ended up in London, the secrets she could tell no one, and eventually…what happened that night.

This was a historical fiction of a different kind. While most of this genre is based on a real-life person or place, this was based on a specific period of time with a completely made-up storyline. It is also a terrific murder mystery that leaves you wondering exactly what happened in that bedroom in London until the very end. This was a good slow read for me that allowed me to go back in time and read about what life could be like during such a terrible time in history. Please keep in mind that this is a very difficult read and there should be many trigger warnings for this book so please read with care.

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