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The Cloisters - Katy Hays

Author: Katy Hays

Started: November 9, 2022

Finished: November 12, 2022

Ann Stillwell desperately wants to get out of Washington and away from the memory of her father's death and she is welcomed into a summer program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art which will do exactly that. Upon her arrival, she learns that her opportunity has fallen through but she is quickly provided a position at The Cloisters, an outdoor area owned by the Met. Once there she is engulfed in the world of mysticism and tarot as she realizes that sometimes we cannot plan our own lives and that fate can, and will, have its say.

This was a wonderful dark academia novel with just the right amount of suspense, thrill, and wonder. This story gripped me from the very beginning and held my interest all the way through. The characters were all complex and it was interesting to discover each of their secrets and how those secrets ultimately are revealed and affect their lives. This was a huge way to present a debut novel and I have a feeling we will get many more amazing novels from Katy Hays.

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