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The Book of Cold Cases

Author: The Book of Cold Cases

Started: Mar. 20, 2022

Finished: Mar. 20, 2022

Shea Collins is a medical assistant by day and a true-crime blogger by night. In order to deal with her own trauma after a run-in with a serial killer when she was 9, Shea writes a blog about other serial killers. One day, she is given the opportunity to interview a local woman, Beth Greer, who was accused of and then acquitted of murdering two men.

When Shea visits Beth at her mansion, she starts to realize that not everything is as it seems. She begins to hear voices and knows that Beth isn't telling her the whole story. Slowly, Beth begins to open up to her, and Shea figures out that while Beth did not commit the murders she was accused of, she does know who did it and wants Shea to figure out who it is. Shea faces down the murderer and learns not just how but why they committed the murders - but she will never be able to explain how she knows.

Simone St. James writes a ghost story like no one else. There is always a story within the haunting that keeps the reader interested. I found her an extremely easy author to read and managed to get this book done on a Sunday when I had nothing but time. Any time spent reading a Simone St. James book is time well spent.

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