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Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private Investigation

Author: Erika Krouse

Started: Apr. 11, 2022

Finished: Apr. 12, 2022

Erika Krouse has held a lot of positions and is a temping regular but never thought about being a private investigator until she meets Grayson, a lawyer who spilled his soul to her for no reason other than she had that kind of face. Her job with Grayson would require her to speak to victims and witnesses of an alleged rape at a college party. She was to bring Grayson the alleged victim as well as leads that would help make this civil case, as the DA refused to hold a criminal trial, stick to show that the college and his employees were to be held responsible for the rape culture around the campus.

The author also uses this memoir as a change to attempt to heal from her own childhood sexual abuse and the lack of love and compassion from her mother. She details how in her mother's eyes she is the evil child while her older sister is the Good One and her brother is the Invisible One. Despite being told of the abuse by her mother's partner, X, Erika is held responsible in her mother's eyes and she is treated as less than because of it.

The book was more a memoir than a true crime novel but I enjoyed following along with the case and seeing how quickly Erika picked up on the legal mumbo jumbo being thrown at her and did her best for the victims who came forward for the case. The author did a wonderful job of expressing how she felt in comparison to what the alleged victims are feeling. It was a good quick read.

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