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Tell Her Story - Margot Hunt

Author: Margot Hunt

Narrators: Dakota Fanning, L.J. Ganser, et al.

Started: July 29, 2022

Finished: July 30, 2022

Paige Barret is a journalist who was recently dismissed from her position at a trendy magazine due to an edited clip of her claiming that a rape victim was being dishonest. She now lives in her sister's guest house and works as a waitress at her brother-in-law's bar to make ends meet.

One day, in hopes of helping her sister return to journalism, she suggests that she begin a true crime podcast based on the murder of Jessica Cady, a beloved hometown teacher who was run down and no one has ever been charged. Paige begins to question the people who lived in the area at the time and who knew Jessica. Working alongside Cady's son, Ben, Jessica learns more about Jessica - including the parts no one else knew about.

This story was a decent novella. The story was sufficiently written but the ending felt rather rushed and could have been handled in a better manner. The narrators were one of the best parts of this story as they allowed each character to have their own personality and voice. The author left the story open to a second installment where they cover the murder of another community member.

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