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State of Terror

Authors: Hillary Rodham Clinton & Louise Penny

Started: Dec. 12, 2021

Finished: Dec. 22, 2021

Ellen Adams, a novice Secretary of State, is being baptized by fire. After a disastrous trip to South Korea, a bomb explodes in London without warning. As the government tries to piece together what happened and who is behind it, another bomb goes off in Paris. Slowly, it comes to light that the world's most dangerous terrorist is behind the bomb and he has planted three dirty bombs somewhere in the USA. Ellen must travel to various dangerous locales meeting with Presidents and Kings in order to determine where the terrorist is and how to stop him. She quickly learns that the true enemy may be closer than she imagines.

When I read the premise and saw that Hillary Rodham Clinton was a co-author I was very interested to see how much of recent history would be portrayed in the book - I was not disappointed. While there were no obvious references to recent politics, the similarities were close enough to determine who they were about and her opinion of their behavior. I found the story interesting and I was curious to see how it wrapped up and I have to say that I was very happy with the ending. I may try a standalone Louise Penny and see if her stories are to my liking.

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