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Spooky Season Reads

The leaves are starting to fall, cooler air is starting to move in, and Halloween is right around the corner. It is the perfect time of year to cuddle up under a comfortable quilt with a good spooky book. The following are books that I have read and enjoyed:

Author: Richard Chizmar

Pages: 336

Publisher: Gallery Books

My Review

In 1988, several young women went missing in Maryland only to be found mutilated. Richard Chizmar, home after graduating college and before getting married, finds himself in the middle of the search for a serial killer.


Author: Riley Sager

Pages: 324

Publisher: Dutton Books

My Review

Charlie needs to get home after the murder of her best friend and decides to share a ride with a stranger. She begins to have her suspicions that she is riding with the Campus Killer. Charlie does everything she can to get away from the murderer but does she survive?


Author: Jay Anson

Pages: 315

Publisher: Bantam Books

My Review

After a horrific murder in 1974, the Lutz family moves into the exceedingly well-priced house in Amityville, New York. The Lutz family survived the house for 28 days before they fled in the middle of the night. The story they told was one of ghosts and possession that made people afraid of their own homes.


Author: Gerald Brittle

Pages: 304


My Review

David Glatzel begins hearing the voice of a demon. These voices are telling him to do horrible, unforgivable things. He undergoes an exorcism at which his brother-in-law tells the demon to come after him. He comes to regret those words when he is later accused of murder and the judge refuses his defense of "the devil made him do it."


Author: Alice Hoffman

Pages: 400

Publisher: Simon Schuster

My Review

The finale in the Practical Magic series. The Owens family has been haunted by a curse that kills whoever the Owens witches marry. When the loved one of the younger witches, she travels to Europe to break the curse. When it is discovered, the entire family travels to Europe to help her.


Author: Grady Hendrix

Pages: 404

Publisher: Quirk Books

My Review

When local children begin going missing, the neighborhood book club realized there is a danger in their midst - a vampire. They do whatever is needed to ensure the safety of their little community, no matter how odd it may seem.


Author: Grady Hendrix

Pages: 337

Publisher: Quirk Books

My Review

Abby and Gretchen have been best friends for a very long time so when Gretchen begins to act oddly it is immediately noticed. In time Abby comes to realize that there is only one logical conclusion, her best friend is possessed by a demon and she does everything she can to save her.


Author: William Peter Blatty

Pages: 385

Publisher: HarperTorch

Regan is a young girl who begins acting oddly and there is no medical reasoning. Her mother decides to reach out to her parish priest who determines that Regan has been possessed by a demon. In order to save Regan's life, an exorcism is performed and the true nature of the demon is revealed.

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