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Spare - Prince Harry

Author & Narrator: Prince Harry

Started: January 10, 2023

Finished: January 15, 2023

Format: Audiobook

Genre: Memoir

Prince Harry can barely remember a time before August 1997 when his mother, Princess Diana, "disappeared." He struggled to grow up in the spotlight of the monarchy while understanding that he would never matter as much as his brother - the future King of England. As he gets older, Harry finally finds the love of his life, Meghan Markle. As they begin their life together, it begins to fall apart around them. Harry must decide between the family he was given and the family he created.

This is a well done story that shows what living under a constant microscope can do. He has always known that he is not as important as his brother, which becomes more apparent when he fights to keep his wife and children safe. After Harry highlights the multiple times he asked the palace for help and was rejected, he does what he feels is needed - he steps away from royal life and begins to live the life his mother wanted for him. Prince Harry is very honest about his standing with his family & how their relationship is forever changed. With Harry narrating his own story, you can hear the moments that truly shaped his life starting with Diana's death to the moment he helped deliver his daughter. Harry is learning to live life on his own terms and telling the world what being a royal is really about.

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