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Skipping Christmas - John Grisham

Author: John Grisham

Started: December 11, 2022

Finished: December 14, 2022

Luther and Nora Krank are skipping Christmas; their daughter, Blair, has traveled to Peru to be part of the Peace Corps and Luther decides he and his wife deserve a break. When they decide to go on a ten-day cruise, the Kranks forego anything else having to do with the holidays - no tree, no lights, and most of all no giant Frosty on the roof. As their neighbors learn of their plans, people begin to treat the Kranks differently. As they put their final preparations in place, they get a surprise call from Blair, and everything changes.

I did not know two things: 1. that the movie Christmas with the Kranks was based on a book and 2. that John Grisham wrote a Christmas novel. Although I have watched the movie several times and knew the basic storyline, I still found this to be a very pleasant read. The only differences I saw were Luther's attitude; he was an old curmudgeon in the book, and his relationship with his neighbor was not quite as combative as the movie portrayed. This was a good quick read of 214 pages or four hours on audio so if you are looking for a quick book to finish your yearly reading challenge this would be a great choice.

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