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Sign Here - Claudia Lux

Author: Claudia Lux

Started: October 6, 2022

Finished: October 9, 2022

Peyote Trip works in Hell…literally, he works on the 5th floor of Hell. His job in Hell is to make people agree to sell their souls. During his time in Hell, he has come to discover that if enough of his descendants agree to sell their souls, he gets a redo; another chance at life. He has one more member of the Harrison family to complete his set and make his plan go through.

The Harrisons are a family in decline and they aren't even aware. The mother is having an affair, the father is unsure of what is happening in his marriage, and the kids are incredibly different. Throw into the mix a new friend who seems to be a bad influence on the daughter and everything goes wrong.

This was a different book than what it was described. It was described as "darkly humorous" which I don't feel is an accurate description of the story. There are few moments of humor and it is not overly dark. It was a terrific story about a family that slowly implodes and of a young man who is spending eternity in hell and must figure out a way to redo his life and not achieve the same ending. It was a well-written story and I would be interested to see what else Claudia Lux will come up with.

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