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She Drives Me Crazy - Kelly Quindlen

Author: Kelly Quindlen

Started: June 13, 2023

Finished: June 14, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Sapphic Romance

Scottie Zajac is dealing with her first true heartbreak. After losing to her ex-girlfriend in a basketball game, she gets into a small accident where the other diver is her arch nemesis, Irene Abraham. To get back at her ex and allow Irene the chance to repay her parents for the bumper repairs, she bribes Irene into dating her. When the past haunts them, they must decide if they can overcome the barriers.

This cute love story pays tribute to the 80s cheesy romance Can't Buy Me Love. Watching Scottie and Irene go through the motions of avoiding their feelings is representative of all high school relationships. The problems they faced were handled in what I considered a realistic manner and showed the aspects of being open and honest with your partner. This is an author I will read more from.

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