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Schindler's List

Author: Thomas Keneally

Narrator: Ben Kingsley

Started: Dec. 18, 2021

Finished: Dec. 21, 2021

Oskar Schindler was a German businessman who registered as a Nazi to benefit financially from the work being provided. During his time working with the Germans, Schindler sees how the Jews of the area are being treated and decide he must do something about it. He creates a list of essential employees and as such, they are not to be added to any transport lists. He tells his employees that as long as they work for him, they are safe. Schindler remains true to his word and he saved over 1,200 Jews from death at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Ben Kingsley was the perfect narrator for this story. He has such a classic voice and his diction of the hard German words was on point. I can't imagine anyone else reading this audiobook and making such a terrible topic easy to digest.

For the longest time, I thought Schindler's List was a huge, daunting tome of a book and although I wanted to read it, I was scared. When I downloaded the audiobook and saw that it was only 4 hours long I was a little confused. I realized I was basing my thoughts on the movie and the length of it. All in all, this book was well done and well researched. I am glad that I finally crossed it off my TBR.

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