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Room for Rent - Noelle W Ihli

Author: Noelle W. Ihli

Started: October 17, 2023

Finished: October 18, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Thriller

Nya is a young woman going to college without financial support from her parents. She arranges to rent the cheapest room she can find sight unseen from a girl named Sidney - except when she gets there, Sidney is actually a creepy, greasy guy named Sid. With nowhere else to go, she stays despite the fear. Thank goodness she meets Craig at the school bookstore. He always seems to know exactly what she needs exactly when she needs it. On that fateful night when everything comes to a head, Nya will learn that not everything is as it appears.

I have yet to read a bad novel by Noelle W Ihli. She has quickly become one of my must-read authors. There have been some internet lore stories of women being tricked into becoming roommates with creepy men with bad intentions which sound very similar to the premise of this novel. Ihli takes those stories one step further by taking us into the home and making us aware of Nya's nightly tortures such as feeling someone in her room and hearing her doorknob rattle. She does a wonderful job of making ordinary everyday happenings seem outrageous and the outrageous events seem threatening. This was a fun fast-paced read that kept me interested. Although I figured out the who and why early in the story, the ending still took me by surprise and made the reading worthwhile.

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