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Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders

Author: Andrew Pyper

Narattor: Joshua Jackson, Devon Bostick, Humberly Gonzalez & full cast

Started: May 30, 2022

Finished: June 1, 2022

Nate Russo is an Oracle used by the FBI for "special" cases. While trying to recover from his last case which forced him to face his own ghosts, both real and figurative. This time the case takes him to Massachusetts where there has been a murder that appears to have ritualistic elements to it. As the team begins investigating, they hear rumors of a witch who lives in the woods. As Nate speaks to this "witch", he discovers that she is attempting to keep the town safe from the spirit that wishes to harm them. In this little New England town, there is a literal fight between good and evil - the question is…will Nate be able to help them?

Joshua Jackson is perfect as Nate Russo. His deadpan sarcasm is always on point and easily done. Devon Bostic and Humberly Gonzalez do wonderful jobs at playing the FBI team that Nate works with. When you put the three of them together, you can a wonderfully engaging story.

I loved the first Oracle and found the story and ending completely satisfying. I cannot say the same for the follow up. While I enjoyed the reintroduction of the FBI agents and the new elements of magic that were introduced…what I didn't like was the sudden anticlimactic ending. I hoped for more of a fight with the witch as opposed to what actually happened. With that in mind, I am still looking forward to any new cases Nate and the team goes on.

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