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New Year, New Reads

I don't know about you but I love January because it offers a whole new year of reading and the opportunities to meet new authors as well as reunite with some of my favorites. January is getting us off to a great start with these amazing novels. Please note that each title is a direct link to their Amazon profile where they can be purchased or pre-ordered.

The Magnolia Place - Fiona Davis: (Publication Date: 01.25.2022)

Davis continues to set her stories in the heart of New York City and helps the reader imagine the lives of her characters. Lillian Carter, based on real-life artist model Audrey Munson, is the muse of artists all over the city and her face and figure are the base for many famous statues. When her landlord's wife is murdered, she becomes a person of interest and attempts to hide by taking a position as a private secretary at the Frick mansion. In 1966, a British model named Victoria Weber arrives at the Frick mansion for a photo shoot where she becomes locked in like a storm rages outside. As she explores the mansion, she discovers secret messages and a missing heirloom. This wonderful story is to be published on January 25, 2022.

The German Wife - Debbie Rix: (Publication Date: 01.13.2022)

This is the true story of a German officer's wife, Anna, whose marriage disintegrates as her husband becomes more ingrained in the Nazi movement at Dachau. As he becomes dourer due to his work, she finds she has feelings for a man named Alexander brought from the camp to work in their garden. As they become closer, Alexander shares with Anna the true conditions and nature of the camp and she vows to help in any way she can. Almost 50 years later, Anna sees a photo in the newspaper and knows that she must face her past to move on.

The Commandant's Daughter - Catherine Hokin: (Publication Date: 01.26.2022)

Hanni Foss is a ten year old German girl at the beginning of Adolf Hitler's reign of terror. She watches as the beloved father becomes hell bound on running one of the Reich's concentration camps. During visits to the camp, she has photographed the atrocities being undertaken there. After taking these photos, she runs away from her father to save her life. Twelve years later, she comes face to face with her father, who is now under a new name and working with the British government and makes it clear that he will do anything to keep his secrets.

Her Hidden Genius - Marie Benedict: (Publication Date: 01.25.2022)

Rosalind Franklin is an unsung hero. While working at a lab in Paris, she is assigned to work on DNA, which she truly believes she can find the secret to. Despite dealing with ongoing misogyny that was rampant in the scientific field, she does what no one else has been able to accomplish - she captures an image of the double helix - the basis of life.

Half in Shadow - Gemma Liviero: (Publication Date: 01.01.2022)

Josephine Descharmes lives a double life. She is a hotel worker serving Germans by day and a resistance fighter by night who helps stranded soldiers travel to Holland. Helping Allied soldiers has put Josephine and her family at risk. A German soldier and an Allied soldier will test Josephine's loyalty as she makes the ultimate decision to keep her family and the man she loves safe.

The Last House on the Street - Diane Chamberlain: (Publication Date: 01.11.2022)

Kayla Carter, recently widowed, moves into the house she and her husband designed...which is also the house where he tragically passed away. Her nearest neighbor is a cantankerous woman named Ellie Hockley who grew up there. Through the use of dual timelines, Chamberlain retells the story of Ellie Hockley and her fight for civil rights. After moments of mystery, the past begins to come to life as remains are unearthed in Kayla's backyard.

Taking Down Backpage: Fighting the World's Largest Sex Trafficker - Maggy Krell: (Publication Date: 01.11.2022)

Backpage was an advertisement website that sex traffickers used to promote the commercial sex trade. These ads promoted not only adult sex trafficking victims but children also. Maggy Krell was a prosecutor in California who was tired of putting victimized women in jail. Krell did everything she could to bring the owners of Backpage to just for profiting from prostitution. Although Krell had to jump through many hoops, she was eventually able to get the owners convicted of money laundering. The federal government then took the owners to federal court and seized the website in 2018.

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