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Murder in the Family - Cara Hunter

Author: Cara Hunter

Started: August 23, 2023

Finished: August 26, 2023

Format: Paperback

Genre: Thriller

A group of six experts try to solve a twenty-year old cold case in real time on national television. The kicker is the director, Guy, is the person who wants the case solved because it was his step-father who was murdered. As the experts go through all the known evidence, they realize that the local police missed a lot during the initial investigation. As new theories arise, it starts to come to light that not everything is as it seems and there are more suspects than originally thought.

There were an insane amount of twists and turns in this novel. I went back and forth on who I thought the murderer was. This is a multimedia format novel; it uses interviews, emails, text messages, and newspaper headlines to tell the story and it worked perfectly and kept me engaged the whole time. I hope that this novel starts a trend of multimedia format thrillers. If you are looking for a thriller you can read in a few sittings that this should be placed on the top of your TBR.

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