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March Releases

March brings the slow end of winter and the even slower start of spring where we change from our heavy outer coats to a comfy hoodie. The constant though is that there are more amazing reads coming out and we will be able to read where the weather allows best. These are some of the books that I am most looking forward to this month.

The Book of Cold Cases - Simone St. James (Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2022) - When a true crime blogger, Shea Collins, interviews a woman acquitted of two murders, she gets more than she bargained for. When they sit down to meet at the home of Beth Greer, Shea begins to feel uncomfortable and questions whether she is safe in the home of a possible murderer. She also has to figure out what is happening in the mansion, there are shadows and movements in the night - which one will get her first?

The Golden Couple - Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (Publication Date: Mar. 8, 2022) - Marissa and Matthew Bishop are looking for help in fixing their marriage after Marissa's infidelity. They are connected with Avery Chambers, a therapist with a controversial method of helping her clients that is highly intrusive and personal but also successful. The deeper Avery delves into the couple's personal lives the more problems she comes up with. On top of this Avery, has her own issues with a stalker and someone trying to take her life apart.

The Diamond Eye - Kate Quinn (Publication Date: Mar. 29, 2022) - Based on a true story, Mila Pavlichenko is a quiet librarian whose life revolves are her job and her son. When Hitler invades, she is told that she must fight to defend her home where she becomes an astute sniper and is given the nickname of Lady Death. Years later, Mila is living in Washington D.C. where she makes an unlikely friend, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and relives her past stories. In the background, a former enemy lurks and Mila must fight for her light.

The Women of Chateau Lafayette - Stephanie Dray (Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2022) - A saga of women who are left to protect the family castle. This story takes place over three very different time periods where women are faced with the choice of sitting around as important decisions are made or taking part in the fights that their fellow countrymen are facing. This story shows how people can gather strength from those who came before them and forever keep their history in their hearts.

Sisters of Night and Fog - Erika Robuck (Publication Date: Mar. 1, 2022) - Virginia decides to stay in France upon the Nazi invasion believing that she and her husband will make it through. She begins to hear more about the Resistance movement and is drawn to take part. She understands that in joining the Resistance she puts everything on the line but she knows it is worth it. Violette is a young woman who wants to do whatever she can to defeat the Nazis and that includes taking advantage of the fact that she can handle a firearm perfectly. Both women's attempts at conquering Hitler end when they end up in Ravensbrück concentration camp.

The Book of Living Secrets - Madeline Roux (Publication Date: Mar. 1, 2022) - Adelle

and Connie are best friends with different tastes but there is one thing they have in common - a love of the novel Moira, a gothic romance. When they are offered the chance to enter the world Moira takes place in, they jump at it. They don't exactly get what they expected - the romance from the story is now accompanied by unspeakable horrors and they will have to write their own storylines to get out of the story.

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