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Mad Honey - Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

Authors: Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

Narrators: Carrie Coon and Key Taw

Started: February 27, 2023

Finished: March 5, 2023

Format: Audiobook

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Olivia McAfee is watching her son, Asher, fall in love with the new girl in school, Lily. All is good with the couple until Olivia receives a call from her son because he thinks Lily is dead. Asher quickly becomes the main suspect and is arrested. Through flashbacks, Olivia looks back at how her life choices led to this moment. As we get to know Lily, we receive a window into her life and how she became to be the person she always wanted to be.

This was a very different novel for me. It covered so many important topics that are not covered in many novels. The authors did such a wonderful job of handling such important and sensitive issues in a respectful manner. The narrators also did a good job of emoting each character's happiness, fear, and sadness. It helped me feel attached to the character and all they were going through. The only flaw I found with this novel was the length. A 15-hour audiobook is far too long. There could have been fewer flashbacks in an effort to move the story along. While I understand how important Olivia's life with her ex-husband was to who Asher is, they were not all needed for the frame of the story.

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